Frequently Asked Questions

You may have a question that is answered below. If not, please contact us at 1-800-525-6237.

  • What is the range of the CarePendant? Will it work in my yard, or garden?

    Most of the CareLink devices are designed to help the subscriber within the home. The CarePendant used for CareLink Medical Alert Service, CareLink Cellular Medical Alert Service and CareLink Service with 24/7 Nurse Access all list a range at 600-1000 ft. However, the Mobile CareLink Medical Alert Service is designed to be used both inside and outside your home, giving you the freedom to travel anywhere that receives an AT&T cellular signal.

  • Do I need a telephone plugged into the CareLink for the service to work?

    No. The CareLink unit has its own internal dialing system so no telephone will be needed for the CareLink to function properly.

  • What if I accidentally activate the CareLink unit? What should I do?

    Nothing. The CareLink unit will place its call to the Support Center, when The Support Center operator asks if you need any assistance, just explain that you accidentally activated the CareLink.

  • In what cases would the ambulance be dispatched for me?

    The Support Center will dispatch an ambulance to your residence for several reasons: if you press your CareLink Pendant and request an ambulance, or if you press your pendant, and none of your “non-medical” responders are available.  The Support Center operators will always make every attempt to get you the appropriate responders for the given situation.

  • How often should I test my CareLink unit?

    Healthcom recommends that you test your CareLink at least once a month.  A test sheet is included with your unit that tells you approximately what day of the month you should test. As always the Support Center operators are available 24/7 and are ready to help.

  • What happens if I lose household power, will I still be protected?

    Yes, the CareLink unit has a complete battery back up. When power goes out the CareLink will operate on its battery back up for approximately 80hrs.  When power returns, the battery will automatically recharge.

  • What happens if my pendant gets wet? Is it waterproof?

    Yes, the CarePendant is waterproof. Healthcom does not recommend prolonged exposure/submersion, but if your Carelink pendant gets wet it will still operate normally. If you have any question as to whether your CarePendant is functioning properly, simply press your pendant and run a test into the Support Center.

  • What happens if I push the button and the Support Center can’t hear me?

    Although the “listen-in” capabilities of the CareLink are state of the art, on occasion, situations occur that prevent the Support Center operators from hearing your requests well enough to make an accurate determination of your needs. (Some typical examples are: a TV or Radio is on and is between you and your CareLink unit, an air conditioner or other device is causing background noise). In these situations, if the Support Center cannot hear you, they will call you on the phone, if you do not hear the phone, or can’t get to the phone, the Support Center will contact someone on your call list to make sure you are O.K.

  • How long does it take for the CareLink unit to get help for me?

    Once the CareLink pendant is pressed your Carelink unit will immediately begin to dial the CareLink Support Center. Because all of your contact information (i.e. neighbors, family, friends and EMS) is already on file, the amount of time it takes is minimal. Normally you are speaking with an operator within one minute of pressing the pendant. After the Support center staff has determined your needs the contact list can be called and help can be sent.

  • Do I ever have to change the batteries in my Pendant?

    No, in order for the CareLink pendant to be waterproof it must be factory sealed. There is no way (or need) for you to change batteries. However, the CareLink unit does continually monitor batteries in both the CareLink base unit, and in the pendant. If the battery in the pendant tests as “Low” a new pendant will automatically be sent to you. The typical battery life in the pendant is 3 to 5 years.