How It Works

Access to help anytime, anywhere you want to go

CareLink offers you the help you need anytime, anywhere. We have a variety of models to fit your needs with options including – models designed specifically for in home use; a mobile device you can use anywhere, a great option if you’re constantly on the go; and models that provide you with 24/7 Nurse Access.

Help in and around your home

CareLink provides excellent two-way voice capability inside the home and the waterproof pendant is able to summon help even when you are outside.

The right help

Knowledgeable, caring Support Center Staff are trained to accurately determine what level of assistance is needed, and contact a friend, family member or medical personnel to respond as quickly as possible.

CareLink Solutions

– Compatible with landlines, cellular service or homes with no phone line
– 24 access to a registered nurse
– Fall detection

Press your pendant anytime:
· Slip-and-fall accidents
· Medical emergencies
· Security and fire concerns
· Assistance contacting a caregiver or loved one

A CareLink® operator will stay on the line with you until help arrives.

Order today and receive…

• 30 day risk free trial
• Complete Medical Alert System
• Professional installation available
• 24/7 monitoring and assistance
• Lifetime rate guarantee
• No contract required

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