Esther Annis

Esther Annis headshot
“No telling what would have happened without my CareLink pendant!”
– Esther Annis, Terra Haute, Indiana

Esther was a busy career woman when she was hit by a car a few years ago. She has dealt with issues that have impacted her health ever since. Now 77, Esther lives alone, but has friends and family living close by. She woke up one night to go to the bathroom, became disoriented, fell into the bathtub and got stuck with her head pushed into her chest which made it difficult to breath and talk. She knows that nobody would have been alarmed by her lack of response to their phone calls for at least another 5 hours. “There’s no telling what would have happened without my CareLink pendant!,” said Esther.

David Brown

David Brown pictureA 2008 construction accident left David Brown paralyzed from the waist down. After living in a nursing home for seven years, at age 53, wheelchair-bound David just wanted to live in an apartment on his own. His caregivers talked to David about subscribing to the CareLink service to ensure that help would be only a button push away should the need arise.

Just three weeks after David moved into his apartment, he had an emergency that required assistance getting back into his wheelchair. Thankfully he had his CareLink pendant on and received help quickly. David loves that CareLink allows him to live on his own and be independent once again.
David said, “I love it and am happy I signed up with CareLink”.

Listen to audio of David’s experience:

Julie Wishneski

Julia Wisknevski with friendsCareLink client Julia had a frightening experience when she recently fell in her home’s attached garage. Her daughter, Carolyn, was visiting and immediately began to comfort Julia and try to assess her injuries. Carolyn knew she wasn’t going to be able to lift Julia and that paramedics would be needed. The CareLink pendant that Julia wears was pressed, and from the kitchen came a reassuring voice asking if Julia needed assistance. Once Carolyn heard the voice and responded that they did need help, Mary, the CareLink attendant, called 911 on their behalf. Mary was able to calmly provide the location and situation details to emergency responders and she stayed on the phone with Carolyn until the paramedics came.

“The attendant stayed on the line with us while we were waiting, and that really impressed me. She didn’t hang up until she knew help was here and we were taken care of. I believe in this product 100 percent. I know help would have gotten to my mom, even if wouldn’t have been here.”
– Carolyn (Julia’s daughter), Bradenton, FL

Listen to audio of Julia’s experience:

Helen Shaver

“Kyle was great in helping us set up voice reminders for mom’s medicine. So far, between Julie in sales, Bob in installation and Kyle in tech support, it has been amazing!”

Judith Poole

Judith_PooleJudith Poole was preparing dinner one evening when the phone rang.  She took the call and sat down on the edge of a chair. Suddenly the chair tumbled over, spilling Judy awkwardly onto the floor. She fractured her ankle in three places and was in tremendous pain.

When she pushed her CareLink pendant button the response was immediate.  She was able to provide special instructions for emergency medical service to access her building by ringing her neighbor’s bell to let them in.

Judy says, “I received prompt help and was treated with such kindness and love. I immediately told my friends about the service and they spoke with Myra (customer service representative Myra Girjalva) who is just great at her job.”

“I am extremely grateful for all the help I was given that night.”